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Dan's Toy Car

Matchbox Hot Wheels Johnny Lightning

Last updated on February 23, 2000

Welcome to my toy car collection.   This is my attempt to share my almost 4,000 die cast cars with other collectors, or even just people who are interested in how the weird half lives.   Browse around and look at the pictures.   Send me some mail at and let me know what you think.   Happy Collecting!

Dan's Matchbox Picture Pages

Dan's Hot Wheels Picture Pages

Dan's Johnny Lightning Pages


Various New Finds

Siku Volkswagens

The Classic '57 Chevy!

Hot Wheels 1965 Mustang

Hot Wheels Dark Riders Series

Hot Wheels Roarin' Rods Series

Hot Wheels Race Team I Series

Hot Wheels Racing Metals Series

Hot Wheels Pearl Driver Series

Hot Wheels Steel Stamp Series

New Matchbox Finds

I post a lot of pictures on The toy car news group so stop by there and see what's happening.

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