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Last Updated February 23, 2002

I've removed the categories from the links page, because too many pages fell into more than one category.   The rule from now on will be that web sites that are oriented more towards showing off collections will be added to the top of the list, and web sites oriented more towards selling Matchbox cars on a commercial level will be added to the end of the page.   Please send me any Matchbox links you have that aren't listed here.   Please let me know if you find a link that doesn't work.   You can e-mail me at

The Matchbox Collectors Community

The official Matchbox web site

Matchbox Truck, Trailer, and Tractor Page

Shabbir Malik's "All You Need to Know About Matchbox Toys"

Fortrek Cars

Midwest Diecast Miniatures Matchbox Message Board

Matchbox & Hot Wheels Diecast Message Board

The toy car news group

The toy car binary newsgroup alt.binaries.toy-cars

Matchbox Memories

Lewis Miller's Battle Kings home page

Stingray's Hideaway - Toy Museum: Matchbox Cars

Fogey's Matchbox Web Site

Christian Falkensteiner's Home Page

John Nijhuis' Matchbox pages

Tom Larson's Matchbox Toys Page (Regular Wheels)

Toy Cars Down Under

Michael's Matchbox Page

András's Matchbox Homepage

RADiWEB Diecast

Clayton's Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Die-Cast

Matchbox Models

Rob's Superfast Homepage

Staffan's Web Museum

Ralph-Egbert Richter's Home Page

Holger's Matchbox-Info

Malcolms Diecast Showroom

Frank's Matchbox Haven (Specializing in Batch Numbers)

Tales of Toy Cars

Childhood Memories - Matchbox Toys

The Matchbox Jeep Story

Frank's Matchbox Lesney page

Kurt Ristniemi Matchbox Models of Yesteryear

History of Matchbox and Hot Wheels (

Matchbox U.S.A. - Charlie Mack Online

Matchbox Forum International

Diecast Toy Collectors Association Home Page (Dana Johnson)

Matchbox International Collectors’ Association (MICA)

Bay Area Matchbox Collectors Association

Matchbox Collectors Club Deutschland

Toyland - Lionel and Matchbox Links

Keystone Kollectible Kars

Midwest Diecast Miniatures. (MDM Online)

KiddieKar Collectibles

Schiffer Books - Miniature Vehicles

4 Cast: For Die Cast Collectors

Matchbox for sale - w/pictures.

Van-Wild Toys

Battle Kings

Neil's Wheels Magic Display Cases

John Moore's Moorecars (Regular Wheels)

Bannister's Matchbox and Toy Cars

Doug Booth Matchbox and Lledo Model Cars

The Model Store

Abbey Models

Alan Wank - Toy Boy

The Small World Of Matchbox

The Dinky Collection

Carr Collectibles


Squirrel Haven's Antiques and Collectibles

Matchbox Toys For Sale

The Matchbox Collection at j.t.puffins

Matchbox Car Sale List

Cases For Matchbox Cars

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